With RECN you get remote, wireless highspeed Internet. RECN has high speed Wireless Internet for both residential and business needs. Commercial and Business Accounts are available. If you want wifi capability at your location you will need to purchase a router either from us or from a store that sells them.

RECN HotSpot Wi-Fi is available at Port McNeill Harbour, Sointula Resource Center, Zeballos Fuels, Alder Bay Resort, Telegraph Cove and the RECN office or by online purchase. Vouchers are usable at each location no matter where they are purchased from,



Plans range from 25GB – 250GB  in most areas that we service.


  • Always on, Unlimited High Speed Wireless Internet Access

  • up to 5 email  Addresses

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • 10 MB personal web space

  • Spam blocking & e-mail Anti-virus

  • Available in most serviced communities

  • Yearly plans & pricing available

  • Availability of Vacation Mode at a reduced cost


Monthly Accounts are billed to your Credit Card or paid by Pre-Authorized Debit with your bank account.
Installation of an external modem includes:
  • mounting the antenna,
  • running the required cables and
  • testing connectivity.
Computer configuration is not included beyond basic IP address configuration. Prices include use of subscriber equipment (ie modems, cables, power adapters, which are all on-loan from RECN), needed to connect your computer to the network. Subscriber equipment remains the property of RECN. Customers agree not to sell, transfer, lease, assign any interest in, or encumber all or any part of the RAGGED EDGE COMMUNITY NETWORK-owned high-speed equipment. Customers are responsible for maintaining equipment in secure location, preventing damage to the equipment and returning the equipment when the service is terminated. If equipment is returned damaged, customer is responsible for replacement costs.
*Speed may vary. For more detailed information regarding individual communities.
**This will apply to external modems with some exceptions.
***Overage charges will apply for combined traffic uploads and downloads (charged at $2.95 per GB plus applicable taxes, over your GB plan).
  • Minimum Computer Requirements
  • Any additional mounts or construction beyond a basic antenna bracket would be the responsibility of the customer.
  • We recommend customers obtain a router/firewall to use between your computer and the Internet. This allows for connecting more than one computer in your home or business.
  • This service is not intended for the hosting of servers of any kind that would generally be accessible via the Internet. A paying customer may operate a ‘restricted server’ that they can connect to for accessing files
  • One time Service Connection Fee $100.00
  • Installation Assistance Fee ranges from $50.00 to $150.00**