“Ragged Edge is pleased to announce that additional funding has been secured and we will be continuing our operations. Thank you so much to our customers and staff for your patience and commitment.”


Ragged Edge Community Network Society
January 12th, 2024 News Release

Ragged Edge to Cease Operation on February 29th 2024

Ragged Edge Community Network Society (RECNS) was incorporated in December 2005 as a Not-For-Profit Society with a mandate to provide Internet service to un-served or under-served communities in Northern Vancouver Island and nearby areas.  Service to our first community was provided to Holberg in March 2006.

Over the past 18 years, we have adapted to the many challenges presented by our rugged terrain and our spread-out population. We are proud of how many diverse, challenging and remote places we have been able to send our
signal. We have done all this while keeping the cost of services to our customers at a minimum. Being a Not-For-Profit organization, our focus has always been on our customers needs by repairing, upgrading and expanding to meet their ever-growing expectations.

An August 2023 press release announced an upcoming partnership with CityWest.  CityWest is an ISP partnering with the Connected Coast Project.
Unfortunately, their timeline for moving into this area has been significantly delayed. Because of this delay and other competitive pressures, we found ourselves in a precarious business position and had to make some very
tough decisions.

So, given the difficult position and limited options, the Ragged Edge Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cease operation on the 29th of February 2024.

The dedicated Board, staff and contractors of RECNS have been privileged to serve our communities and it is with profound sorrow that the last days of RECNS are fast approaching. We sincerely hope our customers will not be faced with too many challenges establishing new Internet connections.

We thank our customers and all the people and organizations who have helped RECNS in so many ways over the years. Many have been valued friends of RECNS from our beginning and have watched and helped us grow.
Thank you to the many people who have lauded RECNS for its groundbreaking history and legacy of success. Unfortunately, it is time to close this chapter in Internet history.

We have succeeded in reaching the unreachable.

The RECNS Board and Staff

—-End of News Release—-


August 25/2023

CityWest Announces Planned Acquisition of
Ragged Edge Community Network Society
PRINCE RUPERT – Today, after much collaboration, CityWest announced plans to acquire the Ragged
Edge Community Network Society (RECNS). The non-profit society, which operates in Northern
Vancouver Island, has been servicing rural clients and remote local businesses with wireless Internet
services since 2006.
CityWest will take over the existing infrastructure that Ragged Edge has managed, providing services to
customers in Sointula, Hyde Creek, Telegraph Cove, Holberg, Quatsino, Zeballos, Ehattesaht First
Nations, Gilford Island, and areas surrounding Port McNeill.
“Ragged Edge Community Network Society (RECNS) has been proud to serve the existing communities
of the North Island region for the past 17 years. We look forward to the evolution of enhancement in the
communities and to be part of improving Internet connectivity by working with CityWest in the North
Island region.” – Annie LeBlanc, Office Manager of RECNS.
CityWest has previously announced expansion plans to several communities where Ragged Edge
operates. The collaboration between these organizations will ensure that Ragged Edge customers will not
lose services, and many clients will receive improved connectivity through fibre-optic Internet, TV, and
phone services.
“We are very excited about our collaboration with Ragged Edge. The team has done a tremendous job
providing services to their rural and remote customers over the past 17 years. CityWest is honoured to
work alongside the Ragged Edge Community Network Society on a plan for better connectivity in their
communities.” – Stefan Woloszyn, CEO of CityWest.
In the short-term, Ragged Edge subscribers can expect a smooth transition when CityWest takes over their
network. Customers will not notice a change in their bills or existing services.
CityWest would like to thank Ragged Edge Community Network Society’s board of directors and staff for
their collaboration during this process.

2023 AGM November 21 2023

The 2023 Ragged Edge Community Network Society (RECN) AGM will be held on November 21 2023 at the CFMW Board Room at 9:30am.

In the fall of 2017 we doubled our bandwidth to Sointula and customers are enjoying the benefits of it.

We at RECN are excited that we will  have a major upgrade to our system in Holberg this spring which will provide a faster internet service to both Quatsino and to Holberg. When the transition happens we will announce it. Thanks for all the letters of support when we apply for Grants to help us upgrade.
Thanks for continuing to support Ragged Edge Community Network Society.
In the fall of 2018 we tripled our bandwidth to the Coal Harbour area and many customers are enjoying the benefits of it.
In 2018 we were able to obtain some grants from ICET and CIRA and install a terrestrial based internet system for the communities of Holberg and Quatsino. Until that time we had been connected to a Satellite system that was no longer being supported. Thanks for all your support in us obtaining these vital grants to grow our Network. 13 years and going strong.