You are invited to attend the

Ragged Edge Community Network Society

Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting


Thursday May 2, 2019


9:30 AM

Community Futures Board Room,

Port McNeill, BC


1. Call to Order and Introductions

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of 2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes

5. Report on the Financial Statements for 2017

6. Nominations and Elections*

7. New Business

8. Adjournment

*Nominations and Elections

Term of office for officers is two years. Voting for the following community board

positions will be conducted- Quatsino, Hyde Creek, Sointula, Holberg and Members at Large.

Please submit nominations and/or expressions of interest



 In the fall of 2017 we doubled our bandwidth to Sointula and customers are enjoying the benefits of it.

We at RECN are excited that we will  have a major upgrade to our system in Holberg this spring which will provide a faster internet service to both Quatsino and to Holberg. When the transition happens we will announce it. Thanks for all the letters of support when we apply for Grants to help us upgrade.
Thanks for continuing to support Ragged Edge Community Network Society.
 In the fall of 2018 we tripled our bandwidth to the Coal Harbour area and many customers are enjoying the benefits of it.
In 2018 we were able to obtain some grants from ICET and CIRA and install a terrestrial based internet system for the communities of Holberg and Quatsino. Until that time we had been connected to a Satellite system that was no longer being supported. Thanks for all your support in us obtaining these vital grants to grow our Network. 13 years and going strong.